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If you’re a startup with big ideas and even bigger plans, we’re here to help you set the accounts in order and focus on the big picture. We’ll work closely with you to really get to know you and your business. Once we’ve got a thorough understanding of your business processes and finances, we’ll work on ways to improve them and, ultimately, to improve your profits! We’ll help you to identify those areas of your business that might not be delivering as well as they should be and help you to focus on the areas where you can maximise potential. We’ll be with you as little or as much as you need us, with our services tailored, always, to what you need.

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management accounts meeting on laptop infographic yellow circle Management Accounts

Monthly management accounts production with detailed financial commentary to give you insight into your business and enable you to really understand the numbers and jargon on a deeper level.


budgeting and forecasting graphs and paper iMac infographic yellow circle Budgeting and Forecasting

We can help you to budget effectively, forecast your future finances and predict your required cashflow. We can also assist you with your annual planning process, as well as project appraisals.


profit improvement microphone and graph increase infographic yellow circle Profit Improvement

The bottom line! We’ll set up and streamline your business systems, whilst managing and improving your internal processes. By doing so, we’ll help you reduce costs, improve cashflow and increase profits!

Understanding your cashflow is critical for your business’ success, not to mention its survival! Simply put, cashflow is the money coming into and going out of your business. If you don’t manage your cashflow carefully, you could find yourself without any money to pay the bills. Your business might be making huge amounts of sales but, if you’re not getting the cash in from your clients, you won’t have the working capital available to settle what you owe.

We’ll help you to produce realistic and robust forecasts that help you understand what the bottlenecks are. Beyond that, we’ll help you to put changes in place to improve your cashflow and secure the future of your business.


investor readiness graduate hat briefcase infographic yellow circle Investor Readiness

Every growing business needs cash to grow. We’ll help you to develop a robust and scalable financial model, build a credible business plan and create a compelling investor pitch deck to help you and your business secure the investment it needs.


systems and ERP implementation lightbulb and cogs infographic yellow circle Systems and ERP Implementation

Many businesses develop a finance department without a strategic plan or the input of a qualified accountant. With little time to spare, business owners rarely take the time to explore alternative and potentially more efficient ways of running the finance department. As a result, many successful businesses end up with financial processes that work but are not the most effective. We’ll undertake a comprehensive review of the current systems and processes you have in place and develop an action plan for improvement so you can be safe in the knowledge that, going forward, you are in good shape.


team management chess pieces team infographic yellow circle Team Management

Many Owners or CEOs have a million and one things going on and don’t have the time or skills to effectively manage the finance function or the burden of compliance and legislation in areas such as Tax, VAT or PAYE. At Total FD Solutions we’ll take away that burden. As experts in managing business finances, we are perfectly equipped to lead and develop your finance team, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best!





Clear direction...

Alex came on board as our acting CEO, during a time of re-evaluating our business model, which has acutely pivoted since time of inception. With great diligence she sat down with us, to fully understand the behaviour of the business and how it had got to its current state of play. Pressing for what we had achieved and what we want to achieve, we were empowered to begin thinking how the business can be moulded in order to gain traction, growth, client base and potential future investment. She gave us perspective in terms of how to rollout a viable and achievable business plan and cash forecast. Gave us clear direction on how to strategically plan our sales narrative. But most of all, dealt with our team with a pair of kid gloves and wholeheartedly took the fear out of the numbers. With this sort of enlightenment, who knows what we're destined to achieve. Emeline Wraith   |   2017  |   Founder & CEO, Good to Go'At

Excellent advice...

Alex is very knowledgeable in her work and can provide some excellent advice that will help greatly in your business. I, personally, want to thank Alex for her help recently and want to recommend her work to others. Hamza Al'Kindi   |   2017  |   Operations Director, Pura Mobile




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